All dogs sleep inside at night on their own bedding with their favourite toy. We welcome any of the dogs’ favourite toys or treats, as this will add to your dog being more relaxed with something familiar of their own.

Our boarding fee does not include meals. Please provide your dog’s normal food so that we can feed them the same diet that they are used to, and their stomachs are not upset.

Our purpose-built ‘Dog House’ has a number of features that even some of our human clients might be envious of:

  • Under-floor heating
  • Fully-insulated walls and ceiling
  • Air conditioning for the summer
  • A working kitchen, where the meals are prepared, with fridge and freezer
  • Industrial washing-machine
  • CCTV to monitor the dogs, day and night
  • Music – for both the dogs and staff!

Your dog will enjoy walks over nearly all of the 8-hectare property, and benefit from the extensive planting since the property was bought in 1986. The dogs get to walk through well-shaded paths and tree-lined paddocks, sheltered from the harshest winter wind and the hot summer sun. There are plenty of troughs, streams and ponds for the dogs to drink from and swim in. One of the features of the property, besides its bridges and ponds, is a 120-tree lime orchard, which is part of one of the many walks.

We welcome dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. We do take puppies, but they must be over 12 weeks of age to allow their immune system to get a good head start. We have 3 vet nurses on staff so any dogs requiring medication will be well cared for.

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