For boarding stays, we charge $40 per dog, per charging day which is from 8AM till 10 AM the following day. If dog is picked up in the weekend in the PM we charge $35 for the day. We charge $30 per dog during the week (Monday – Friday) for daycare.

We also charge an extra $5 per day for entire male dogs over the age of 6 months, and a $5 per dog per day surcharge for boarding on public holidays.

Bitches that come on heat while staying with us will also incur an additional $10 per day fee for the duration of the heat.

Please refer to our Dogs101 2022 Pricelist for any other prices

Our charging day is from 8 am one day (or part thereof) to 10 am the following day.

This means if you were to drop your dog off on a Saturday (either morning or afternoon), and pick them up Sunday morning, you would be charged for one day of boarding. However, picking up on Sunday afternoon means you would be charged for 1 day of boarding, and 1 daycare day. Think of it like a hotel – our check out time is 10 am and after that, you are charged for another day.

If you have any questions regarding this please bring them up before your dog’s stay.

Yes. Please bring your dog’s normal food, clearly labelled with their name and instructions on how much to feed them. We have a fridge and freezer on site so there is no need to change their diet for their stay. A sudden change of diet can cause an upset stomach, which can be very unpleasant for your dog (and us!). We don’t want anything like this to cause your dog stress, especially if they are away from home for the first time.

If you do not bring food we will charge $3.00 per meal for small dogs (under 15kg), and $6.00 per meal for large dogs (over 15kg). We feed Royal Canin Digestive Care, which is easy on dogs’ stomachs.

If your dog normally has lunch or a treat before bed, please let us know. We are happy to keep to your dog’s normal routine. Lunch, treats, and kongs are all welcome at day care too.

You don’t have to, but it is nice for your dog to have something of their own to make them feel more at home. We have plenty of towels and fluffy blankets on site so your dog will always be comfy. If you want to supply bedding, we suggest bringing something that is easy to wash as we are based on a farm and there can be quite a bit of mud when it rains.

Yes, all dogs sleep inside. We have a purpose built facility that is equipped with a kitchen, fridge and freezer, air conditioning, under floor heating, a radio, and security cameras so your dog will always be safe and comfortable.

All dogs sleep in crates as this keeps them safe and gives them a space of their own. If you have more than one dog, we can make sure they are side by side, or if they are small enough, they can share a crate.

We have outdoor kennels but these are only used during the day.

We start our day at 7 30 am where all the dogs are let out for toileting. Then we head back inside for breakfast. The dogs all rest while we clean up and welcome the new arrivals as we don’t want anyone running on a full stomach.

At 11 am we start walking all the dogs in groups around the farm, and letting them play in the yard. We have several large paddocks for the dogs to run free in, 2 ponds, and plenty of troughs for them to swim in. This is repeated at 2pm. There are fun things to climb on and toys to play with in the yard. At 4 pm we begin preparation for dinner and all dogs are fed in their crates between 4 and 5 pm.

For the dogs boarding with us, we always give them a toilet break (and a hug) between 8 30 and 10 pm at night.

Yes. We give the dogs the same care and attention whatever the weather. Most dogs don’t mind if it’s raining, so we take them out regardless. If your dog has a coat, please pack it with their belongings so they can wear it on rainy days. We have plenty of towels so after each walk, we dry off all the dogs before putting them in their crates.

Some dogs hate the rain, and we have sheltered outside areas where we can let these dogs play. We have underfloor heating in the dog house so no dog will be cold, even in the depths of winter. We will always make sure your dog has clean, dry bedding to sleep on.

In order to help us reduce the administrative effort, we encourage you to book online and pay via credit card. There is a small surcharge to cover the processing fee. Alternatively, we also accept payments by bank transfer (See bank details below). At the moment, booking online is only available for consultations and Puppy Class. We are looking at having boarding and daycare available to book online in the near future.

For boarding and daycare, we have EFTPOS on-site, and you can pay on drop-off or pick-up. Cash is also welcome too.

We will also send out invoices, usually a few days after your dog’s stay has concluded, or at the end of the week. This has our bank details included and you can pay via online banking.

It’s easier for us if you don’t try to guess the amount you owe. If you have any questions about payment, or wish to pay ahead, just email us and we can send out an invoice early for you.

Bank Details

If you are unable to use our credit card payment facility, please transfer your payment to the following account:

Bank: ANZ
Account name: Dogs101
Account number: 06-0689-0289691-00

Please include your name in the reference so we can identify your payment.

If there’s a problem, we’ll email you.

Yes we do have a cancellation fee. For boarding or for daycare, Please cancel your booking 24 hours before your dog(s) is/are due at Dogs101 by email or through the online booking system only. If you don’t cancel before this time you can be charged a fee of 50% of the value of the booking.

Please note that over the Christmas period and for long stays (over 14 days) the cancelation time is longer – If you cancel within 20 days of your booking or 10 days for a long stay your deposit will not be refunded.

If you didn’t find the answer here in our Frequently Asked Questions, please just pop us a message via our ‘Contact Us‘ form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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Evenings: 4pm-6pm

Dogs101 closed for Daycare and Boarding on:

From Saturday 23rd Dec to Thursday 28th Dec (inclusive).

Open for Boarding from 29 December 2023 and open for daycare 23 January 2024


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