Boarding and Overnight Care

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Please note that we are currently not taking any new clients for Boarding or Daycare until further notice.

Dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds are Welcome. We also take puppies but they must be over 12 weeks of age to allow their immune system to get a good head start.

Where they sleep:

All dogs sleep inside at night on their own bedding with their favourite toy. We welcome any of the dogs’ favourite toys or treats, as this will help your pooch feel more relaxed with something familiar of their own.

Our purpose-built ‘Dog House’ has a number of features that even some of our human clients might be envious of:

  • Under-floor heating
  • Fully-insulated walls and ceiling
  • Air conditioning for the summer
  • A working kitchen with fridge and freezer, where the meals are prepared
  • Industrial washing-machine
  • CCTV to monitor the dogs, day and night
  • Music – for both the dogs and staff!

During their stay:

Our boarding fee does not include meals. Please bring your dog’s normal food when you drop them off, this way, they’ll have the food their tummy’s are used to so they don’t get upset. If you forget, we can provide meals at an extra cost.

Your dog will enjoy many of our walks over our 8-hectares, and benefit from the extensive planting across the property. The dogs get to walk through well-shaded paths and tree-lined paddocks, sheltered from the harshest winter wind and the hot summer sun. There are plenty of troughs, streams and ponds for the dogs to drink from and swim in. Besides our bridges and ponds, one of the features of the property the dogs can enjoy is a 120-tree lime orchard.

We have three vet nurses on staff which means any dogs requiring medication or any extra care will be in good hands while they’re here.

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Please check view our Boarding and Daycare terms and conditions .


027 520 4204


Opening Hours:

Mornings: 8am-10am

Evenings: 4pm-6pm

Dogs101 closed for Daycare and Boarding on:

From Saturday 23rd Dec to Thursday 28th Dec (inclusive).

Open for Boarding from 29 December 2023 and open for daycare 23 January 2024


920 Norfolk Road

Carterton, Wairarapa.


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